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  • Bamboo Underwear

    Bamboo Underwear

    Staying clean and cool is possible when wearing bamboo underwear. Bamboodha provides you with a wide range of high bamboo clothing and undergarments. We offer sustainable products for peace of mind. Selling bamboo products allows us to operate within these boundaries because of how good for the environment these kinds of fabrics are. Bamboo is not only a fast growing material, but it also takes less processing and chemicals to convert the bamboo into a usable fabric.

    Cooling Properties of Bamboo Underwear

    Bamboodha provides the bamboo underwear that will help you to stay cool and dry even throughout the summer. Bamboo has a natural wicking property that draws moisture away from the skin. This helps to keep you feeling cooler and staying dryer than when wearing any other kind of fabric. The antibacterial property of bamboo means that any moisture from sweat in the fabric will not smell as much because it is the bacteria that cause the odour.

    By wearing bamboo underwear along with other bamboo clothing, it is possible to enjoy even more cooling properties. With styles that are sure to look great while being comfortable to wear, it is no wonder so many have already started to wear these kinds of underwear.

    Buy Your Underwear Today

    You can order your bamboo underwear today through Bamboodha. You can peruse our catalogue online to find the products you are looking for. You can also call to speak directly with our operators. With many styles of clothing to choose from including baby towels, you are sure to find what you are looking for. You will feel better about the clothes you are wearing when they are made from bamboo. Ordering is simple! Just order online or email admin@bamboodha.com.au.

    Our Newsletter