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  • Bamboo T-Shirts

    Bamboo T-Shirts

    Staying cool and looking great is easier than ever with the help of bamboo t-shirts. Bamboodha has the shirts you are looking for so you will be able to get even more from the clothing you are wearing. Because of our dedication to the environment and to quality products, we offer a wide range of bamboo t-shirts and clothing. As a naturally renewable resource, bamboo will not be farmed out from constant cultivation. Additionally, because of how little processing the fibres require becoming useful fabric, there are fewer chemicals to worry about getting into the environment. You can feel great about the clothes you are wearing with these amazing shirts.

    Protection from the Sun with Bamboo Shirts

    Bamboodha offers a full collection of top quality, environmentally friendly bamboo t-shirts. The bamboo fabric offers protection from the sun in more than one way. This includes the UV protection the fabric provides to protect your skin.   Another way in which you are offered protection from the sun comes from the wicking properties the fabric offers. Sweat is drawn away from the body so that the skin can remain cool and dry at all times. The naturally absorbent fibres are also antibacterial so your shirt will remain odour free even if you’re in the sun all day.

    Order Styles and Varieties Today

    Purchasing the different styles and varieties of bamboo t-shirts from Bamboodha is easy to do. Simply check our inventory regularly to see the latest styles we’ve added to the collection. You can also choose to call us to speak with us directly. Ordering is simple! Just order online or email admin@bamboodha.com.au.

    Our Newsletter